it is time to shineSelf-Care Workshop

 12am -4 pm  $120. Please phone Lisa on 0417 541 838 for further information or to book your place.

 Is it time to start taking better care of you?

This is a fun afternoon workshop exploring the many ways you can fill yourself up, raise your vibration and improve your energy levels. During this workshop Lisa will share her 18 components of self-care and give you an opportunity to design your own self-care wellness plan. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time re-connecting with yourself and gaining support in a group environment with other like-minded people.


 group of women photoSacred Women’s Group

 Please email for information on when the next group is starting.

 This group is a powerful tool for personal growth and change. This group provides the unique opportunity to  receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other women in a safe and confidential environment. These interpersonal interactions can provide group members an opportunity to deepen their level of self-awareness and self-love.

During this 5 week group there isn’t a specific topic for each session we typically work in the here and now although we do explore themes such as: relationships, story, drama, mindfulness, projection, self-worth, healing, wellness, the mind-body-soul connection, family and career, the inner child and consciousness.

Join this small group of compassionate vibrant and engaged women and find the courage to express yourself authentically, explore your internal dialogue and belief systems and connect with your hope and heart.

This class is run Thursday evenings 7-9pm in a block of 5 weeks – $200. Please phone 0417541838 or email to inquire about future dates.


crystal_healingA Practical Guide to Energetic Healing and Mind-Body Medicine Workshop

 Please phone Lisa on 0417 541 838 for further information and future dates of this course.

This course is available for those looking to deeper their connection and interest in energetic healing and mind-body medicine. This one day workshop will include information and hands on practical experience exploring:

  • Anatomy of the energetic body
  • Crystal healing
  • Hands on healing
  • Sound and colour therapy
  • Meditation
  • A comprehensive booklet with all workshop notes and Lisa’s meditation CD is included.

This is a fun, hands on, experiential workshop where Lisa shares her wealth of knowledge on energetic healing and mind-body medicine.

Please contact Lisa 0417 541 838 to register your interest for this course.





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