Divorce Recovery And Coaching

In divorce recovery, counselling and coaching can assist you to understand and cope with the strong feelings that can arise before, during and after a separation or divorce.  Divorce can be an extremely stressful life experience. A wide range of emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, grief, confusion, shame, anger and worry can be experienced during this time. Divorce recovery counselling and coaching can help with the major changes that arise through the divorce process.

It is my hope that you will not go through this challenging time of transition alone. The possible benefits of this work with Lisa include:

  • Recognising your strengths
  • Support as you process your feelings
  • Making sense of the end of your marriage and obtain a new perspective
  • Planning for the future
  • Learning to love and approve of yourself
  • Support in self-caring during this time
  • Closure
  • An increase in your levels of self-awareness
  • Motivation to create the life you desire

Lisa also specialises in supporting people going through a separation or divorce with a narcissist, a complicated and often misunderstood experience.

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