Based at Meraki Wellness Centre at Erina on the NSW Central Coast.

Meraki Wellness Centre Herbal Dispensary

Lisa and her team of qualified naturopaths and nutritionists can assist new and existing patients with some simple treatment options from our comprehensive range of evidence-based, high-quality herbal and nutritional medicines. Our extensive over-the-counter herbal dispensary provides professional on-the-spot healthcare advice and lifestyle suggestions.

Feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu coming on? Had a big weekend and need some liver support? Signs of anxiety or stress? Struggling to sleep? Come in and see our passionate and friendly practitioners at Meraki Wellness Centre herbal dispensary.

  • Therapeutic herbal teas which are certified organic
  • Herbal tinctures (liquid herbs)
  • Nutritional supplements including the highest quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fish oil
  • Flower essences
  • Homeopathics
  • Hand crafted therapeutic creams
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil
  • Baths salts
  • Refilling of prescriptions



All the products we dispense are pharmaceutical grade, prescription only natural medicines that comply with the high standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This means that they are well-researched medicines of the highest quality and therapeutic efficacy that will be prescribed specifically for you by one of our qualified practitioners. We also provide a dispensing service for other local natural medicine practitioners, integrative GP’s or Naturopaths.

If you are a GP or a natural medicine practitioner please email your order from the dispensary here.

If you already have a valid existing script from your integrative GP or naturopath, you can bring it in and we will fill it for you.



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Lisa Turnbull

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