Meditation and Mindfulness Class

The aim of these classes is to support participants to learn how to relax quickly and consciously. We look at ways to reduce stress using practical meditation and mindfulness techniques.

This course is suitable to people who are new to meditation or looking to reconnect with this practice. The approach is practical and straightforward.

Learn meditation and all its wonderful benefits. We will explore a variety of techniques including guided visualisation and silent meditation.

Science based benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices include;

Reduction of stress

Improved concentration

Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Benefits cardiovascular and immune health

Increases self-awareness

Increases happiness

Slows the ageing process

Promotes emotional health

The group will have a maximum of 10 participants. Email me for dates for the next session at Meraki Wellness Centre, Erina. To book your place in the next course Click Here.


Prior to sitting in your office I have never experienced such an overwhelming feeling of being in a place in which I was meant to be and where I felt so understood!! Re-living this experience weekly in your 5 week meditation course has been without a doubt absolutely life changing!! You are so approachable, selfless and real and you have been instrumental in my shift in awareness. Through my sessions with you together we have healed the most important relationship I could have, which is with myself. This in turn has helped me be a better mother, wife and friend. You have given me purpose which I am relishing in every minute of every day!

KC, Business Owner

Lisa, I couldn’t be better, thank you!! The last week has been amazing and it’s all thanks to you. WOW what a shift, you are truly an AMAZING woman…from the bottom of my heart thank you!! I just know this has been THE MOST significant turning point in my life.

KD, Entrepreneur

Enquiry for Meditation Classes

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Ph: 0475 849 097