Lisa Turnbull is a Naturopath based at Erina on the Central Coast with over 20 years experience.

Lisa Turnbull is a Naturopath based at Erina on the Central Coast with over 20 years experience.

Naturopathy maintains that the body can heal itself if given the right circumstances and conditions. Naturopaths uses a range of treatments to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities.

Many of the foundations of naturopathy – such as the importance of diet, clean fresh water, sunlight, exercise and stress management – have been adopted by conventional medicine. A naturopathic consultation deals with internal health problems and imbalances. By using a thorough wellness assessment the whole of the patient is assessed. This procedure usually takes at least one hour for a full assessment.

Treatment can be given through functional pathology, nutritional advice, dietary and lifestyle improvements, detoxification programs, vitamin supplementation, herbal formulas, bush flower remedies, homeopathy or holistic counselling and wellness coaching.

Lisa is a general natural health and wellness practitioner and counsellor that can support you with many different ailments. She specialises in treating:

  • Women’s health, hormones, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Nervous system imbalances and endocrine disorders such as headaches and migraines, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalances, low energy, exhaustion or burn out.
  • Immune problems such as colds and flu, reoccurring illnesses and auto immune diseases.
  • Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, bloating, constipation and candida.
  • Female reproductive health issues and hormonal imbalances such as menopause, perimenopause, PMT, infertility, PCOS and endometriosis.
  • Integrated holistic detoxification programs of the liver and bowel.
  • Wellness Coaching supporting clients to move forward from good health to great health.

Initial Naturopathic Consultation $180

Ongoing sessions $150

Prescribed herbs and vitamins are added to the consultation fee.
Please note that there is a minimum 24-hour cancellation policy.

Lisa Turnbull
Lisa Turnbull

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