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New Clients

I am currently not taking on any new clients. If you’re looking to work with me as a new client, you can join my wait list by sending me an email (link below). This is the best way to be notified when I am taking on new clients. I generally open my books once or twice a year and take on a limited number of new clients. I do this by sending an email out to everyone on my list and placing a notification on my instagram account.

exisiting Clients

Clients who are currently working with me (or who have worked with me in the last 12 months) can make an appointment by contacting Karina at Meraki Wellness Centre on 0475 849 097 who will organise a mutually appropriate time.

*Note ~ Lisa does not accept Mental Health Care Plans but you may be able to claim a portion of the fee on your private health insurance depending on your cover.

Lisa Turnbull
Lisa Turnbull
Lisa Turnbull

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