Reclaim your Mojo!

This is a new course for women who are struggling with adrenal fatigue hormonal imbalances and exhaustion.

A program for women 35+ who are ready to reconnect and reclaim their bodies and vitality.

Chronic stress with bouts of drama/trauma can lead us in our 40’s to a place where we feel exhausted and lost. This program provides a comprehensive approach to improving your energy and vitality!

Adrenal fatigue can present as;

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and run down
Unable to lose weight regardless of food or exercise
Relying of caffeine to get through a day
Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning
Experiencing a weaker immune system
Thyroid deficient and slower metabolism
Hormonal irregularities
Unable to handle stress

This comprehensive program will support you to move from: 


Tired to Vibrant


Lethargic to Energetic


Self-conscious to Confident


Serious to humour


Scattered to present


Mundane to Sacred


Everyday to adventure


Lost to reclaimed

Using the techniques and tools of naturopathic and nutritional wisdom, meditation, movement, meaningful group connection and personal process work we will embark on a 6 week journey of coming home to you through the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your nature.

This group consists of 3 meetings 1/fortnight at Meraki Wellness Centre Erina with group facebook page interaction between sessions

next group is starting in June 2020

$295 for the 6 week program including 3 group sessions, herbal formulas and workshop notes.

Commitment required for all 3 sessions.

To book your place email me below

Meraki Wellness Centre
Platinum Building           Suite 1.04B 4, ilya Ave         Erina NSW 2250

Ph: 0417 541 838


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