This is a new program for women who are struggling with fatigue, hormonal imbalances and exhaustion.

A program for women 35+ who are ready to reconnect and reclaim their bodies and vitality.

Chronic stress with bouts of drama/trauma can lead us in our 40’s to a place where we feel exhausted and lost. This program provides a comprehensive approach to improving your energy and vitality!

Adrenal fatigue can present as;

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and run down

Unable to loose weight regardless of food or exercise

Relying of caffeine to get through a day

Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning

Experiencing a weaker immune system

Thyroid deficient and slower metabolism

Hormonal irregularities

Unable to handle stress

hormonal imbalances can present as;

Unexplained weight gain

Difficulty sleeping

Irritability and anxiety

Heavy or painful periods

Exhausted and long-term fatigue


Headaches or new onset migraines

Worsening of premenstrual symptoms

Mood swings

Low libido

Fertility issues

This comprehensive program will support you to move from:

Tired to Vibrant

Lethargic to Energetic

Self-conscious to Confident

Scattered to present

Mundane to Sacred

Everyday to adventure

Lost to reclaimed

Using the techniques and tools of naturopathic and nutritional wisdom, herbal medicine, psychotherapy, meditation, movement, meaningful connection and personal process work we will embark on a 6 week journey of coming home to your natural vitality through the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your nature.

This program consists of 5 appointments over a 6-8 week period at Meraki Wellness Centre Erina or via zoom. 

The 1st appointment is with me where we go through an initial assessment, your goals, concerns and ideas for how you would like to feel in 2021. 

Your first appointment is with Bianca Nelson (another Naturopath at Meraki) where she will go through an initial assessment, your goals, concerns and support you through the physical components of getting your health on track with nutritional and lifestyle advice, supplements and herbal support.

Your appointments will be alternated between Naturopathic and Counselling/coaching with me where we work on the emotionally and psychological components of your wellbeing. 

This is a great opportunity to be supported by two experienced practitioners invested in you reclaiming your energy and vitality and setting you up to have an amazing year ahead. 

$650 for the 6-8 week program and includes an initial 200ml bottle of herbs. Individually prescribed supplements are not included this cost.

To book your place email me below

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Ph: 0475 849 097

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Lisa Turnbull

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