This circle is a soulful space for women to come together and connect. A place to enjoy female friendship and gain support in relationship to all areas of your life. We work on  health, vitality, self-awareness, confidence, creativity, self-expression, prosperity, relationships and overall levels of happiness. 

This group is open for women who are looking to be a part of a supportive group and connect with like-minded women.

Whether you are seeking friendship, healing, or personal growth this circle is a place where all voices are heard and hearts nourished. Tap into the collective wisdom and embrace the magic of this gestalt based personal development circle.

During this circle we focus on;

Improving your levels of confidence and self-awareness

Embracing new thinking about your health and well-being

Improving the quality of your relationships

Increasing your emotional intelligence

Improving your energy, vitality and overall sense of well-being

Moving you toward the best version of you!

These sessions provide the space for professional and peer support and guidance through various mediums including:

Meaningful connection and support with other like-minded women

Meditation and Mindfulness

Remembering your “why”

Observational learning and drawing on the wisdom of a group dynamic

Personal process work through a gestalt framework

Personal relationship dynamics

Constellation work

Positive Psychology tools

The group will have 8-10  participants in total and run for one and a half hours fortnightly for 4 sessions on a Wednesday evening 6.30pm to 8pm at Forresters Beach.

Dates: New circle starting January 2024

email your interest here

The four week circle is $295. Commitment is required for all 4 sessions.

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Lisa Turnbull
Lisa Turnbull

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