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As a part of Lisa’s work she has created Women’s Wellness Retreats providing ultimate wellness escapes for women to destinations around the world. Visit Women’s Wellness Retreats Website.

Travelling to another country and attending a retreat can be soul stirring, heart opening and life changing. Women’s Wellness Retreats provide integrated and holistic retreats with comprehensive programs written and facilitated by Lisa and other experienced facilitators.

Liberate yourself from the stresses encountered with modern-day living and discover new reserves of energy, a deeper sense of self and reconnect with your passion for life!

These retreats create the opportunity for you to take time out and un-plug from your busy, over-committed, responsible life and take time to relax, revive and have fun!

Join us on one of my retreats and make heartfelt connections with other like-minded women, nourish yourself, have fun, get pampered, expand your awareness, belly laugh, rediscover your passion and go home rested with a new perspective and gratitude for your life.

Lisa Turnbull
Lisa Turnbull

Happiness. Health.